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Rishi Kapoor response to Pakistan’s win

After Pakistan’s defeat at the hands of India in the Champions Trophy final actor Rishi Kapoor has congratulated Pakistan while also acknowledging defeat.

Pakistan won the title by defeating India while out of class in all areas of the game in the final match at The Oval 180 runs to become the first Champions Trophy

Before the final match of the Indian media was mocking the team’s improbable victory in the final While Actor Rishi Kapoor was also used offensive terms to Pakistan.

Rishi Kapoor Please send your increase in the Pakistan Cricket Board to mock, saying ‘PCB team, was first sent to hockey or lost the team, that’s father on 18 June (Father’s Day) with you “.

Read what one of the tweets were also a tweeted Rishi Kapoor users were furious, the actor has passed the “Win the good year, are you a thousand times and win only against them attack off Dude, I lost, we peace and love should be.

However, Pakistan did not wish to win in the final after the defeat of the Indian team lost Rishi Kapoor.

Pakistan has said that he beat us. You play very well. We beat all fields. Congratulations. I surrender.

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